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Solo Travel with Jess Part 2

August 30, 2019

PART TWO OF SOLO TRAVEL WITH JESS. Find out why you might need to bring a spatula for tropical solo travel. Find out what Jess wishes she knew before solo traveling. Does Jess ever get lonely during her solo trips and if so, what does she do? Jess must leave the Airbnb during her second solo trip we find out why. Jess gives one of the best Airbnb tips on how to stay safe during your Airbnb experience. We find out how to avoid unwanted attention during a solo trip. Hot yoga helps Jess meet locals and engage in the local community when traveling. Jess details her trip on a tour of the museum of prostitution. Are you on the fence about going on a solo trip? We learn how three meals of chili can help you dip your toes in solo travel! Do you get better deals when traveling solo? Jess explains how she gets tickets to Broadway while traveling solo. We ask five listener submitted Facebook questions. Don’t miss this episodes "DON’T DO THAT".

Music by : Tristan Nelson

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